From Climate Solutions by Leah Missik (October 8, 2020):

“Transit is essential. Not only do many people rely on trains and buses to get to and from work or school, to visit family, or to run errands, but transit also plays a critical role in reducing our climate and air pollution. At a time when we’re dealing with the combined harms of wildfire smoke and COVID-19, we know we need to address the climate crisis and clean up our air—and to do this, we need more transit, not less.

That is why Climate Solutions has endorsed Seattle Proposition 1, which will invest in essential bus service, create greater affordability for transit riders, address the West Seattle transportation crisis, and ensure that our transit system is efficient and reliable. Proposition 1 will renew and modify a measure that is set to expire, providing our community with key transit investments over the next six years. Seattle voters: make sure you look all the way down your ballot, and vote yes on Proposition 1.”

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