Prop. 1 Will Preserve Bus Service and Ensures a Robust Transit System that Works for All

About the Seattle Transportation Benefit District

Seattleites rely on transit. Pre-COVID nearly half of our commute trips to downtown happened on transit, and our bus system keeps Seattleites connected so they can get to and from work, keep appointments, or access services. Proposition 1, on the November ballot, renews and modifies an expiring measure in order to provide $39 million annually over six years for critical transit investments like essential bus service, creating affordability for riders, addressing the West Seattle transportation crisis head on, and ensuring our transit system is efficient and reliable.

Seattle Transportation Benefit District Facts

Funding Bus Service is Essential

While the current crisis has many of us at home, thousands of essential workers – those that we all rely on every day – depend on transit. And a healthy, sustainable economic recovery relies on reliable, frequent buses. Prop. 1 funds more than 150,000 prioritized transit service hours a year for the next six years. Providing essential access to jobs, services, and opportunities is critical to getting back on track.

Helping Our Neighbors in Need

Bus service remains a vital lifeline for seniors, people with disabilities, students, and working families. Prop. 1 supports access programs for our low-income neighbors, including free passes for public high school students and programs for essential workers, seniors and public housing residents. Our neighbors are counting on these affordability programs now more than ever.

Supporting West Seattle, Georgetown, & South Park

We know that there is no easy fix to the West Seattle Bridge. Providing mobility options for West Seattle as we work toward a solution helps us all stay moving. Decreased congestion also equals cleaner air for South Park, Georgetown and all the communities in Southwest Seattle.

Using Dollars Wisely

Prop. 1 supports infrastructure improvements such as bus lanes and signal priority across transit corridors. Maximizing trip efficiency and reliability helps keep buses rolling so riders aren’t stuck in traffic. Independent citizen oversight of Prop. 1 ensures our transit dollars are spent wisely.